How can we use a Design Point (DP) parameter from one DP in a different DP?

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This was a challenge from a customer to bring a DP output parameter from one DP as an input to a following DP.

It is possible with a bit of WB scripting. I couldn't find a native way to do it, but I am lazy.

import time
inputParameter = 'P2' # Parameter IDs from WB 
outputParameter = 'P1'
# Script # 
SetProjectUnitSystem(UnitSystemName="NMM_STANDARD") # Always check units in your model
p_in = Parameters.GetParameter(inputParameter) # grab the parameter identifiers
p_out = Parameters.GetParameter(outputParameter)
designPoints = Parameters.GetAllDesignPoints()
ctr = 0
for designPoint in designPoints:
  if ctr > 0:
  tctr = 0
  while designPoint.StateOfParameters != 'UpToDate' and tctr < 10: # max 10 sec to try
  pNew = p_out.Value.ToString().split()[0] # grab the output from solved

You have to be careful with the input/ouput definition but it should work.