how to run cpython and pyaedt from electronics desktop

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I would like to run a cpyton script from aedt


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  • Samuel Lopez
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    Hi @byang ,

    You can run a CPython terminal from AEDT following the steps:

    1. Create a virtual environment with PyAEDT installed (pip install pyaedt). If you are using the batch file from the PyAEDT documentation, the virtual environment will be at "C:\Users\slopez\AppData\Roaming\pyaedt_env_ide"
    2. Open AEDT, and select Tools>External Tools.
    3. Create new content (Add). I called the menu "CPython CL" and the command is: cmd /k C:\Users\slopez\AppData\Roaming\pyaedt_env_ide\Scripts\activate.bat

    Finally, in Tools you will see the new button, which will open a CPython terminal with the specific virtual environment:


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    Hi @byang ! Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately we've had to sink your question because it needs details and clarity before it can be answered meaningfully. Once you've added this information, we'll be happy to release it again :) .

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