External Coil Excitation for pyAEDT Maxwell2d

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Hi, I am trying to automate AEDT tasks with pyaedt. As part of my workflow, I need to create an external schematic to import a netlist for external excitation of the coils (instead of Current or Voltage).

Using the Ansys AED GUI, this would work as follows:

  • Select the machine model in the project on the left
  • On the top: Maxwell2d -> Excitations -> external circuit -> edit external circuit -> create circuit
  • Design the circuit and export the netlist
  • Return to "edit external circuit" -> import netlist

Is there a way to automate this using pyaedt in python?


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  • Giulia M.
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    Hi @mebn ,

    Please have a look in pyaedt, you will find now the requested feature.

    In maxwellcircuit.py there's a new method available called export_netlist_from_schematic() to create a netlist from a schematic circuit and in maxwell.py another new method called edit_external_circuit() to edit the external circuit for the winding.

    Hopefully this helps,

    Thanks for feedback,