I want to find circle edges in mechanical model

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I wrote following code to get ID´s of circle edges :

g = ExtAPI.DataModel.Project.Model.Geometry
allbodies = g.GetChildren[Ansys.ACT.Automation.Mechanical.Body](True)
geo_bodies = [x.GetGeoBody() for x in allbodies if x.Suppressed == False]

for geo in geo_bodies:
  for edge in geo.Edges:
    if edge.Type == EdgeType.Circle:

However I get empty list. Any idea what is wrong? Thank you

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  • Nick R
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    Edges have two properties, one for its type (which is edge) and one for curve type.

    edge.CurveType == GeoCurveTypeEnum.GeoCurveCircle

    If you replace Type with CurveType and EdgeType with the GeoCurveTypeEnum you should be able to filter different edge properties


  • Lukas
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    @Nick R thank you. I´ve found also "Circle" edge type in API Reference Quide along with "Line", "Spline" etc. so it´s quite confusing whether to go for Type or GeoCurveTypeEnum property.