How to create a Common Mode Choke with different number of turns in two layers

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I'm trying to model a Common Mode Choke which has two layers of windings. The number of turns is different for each layer.

I tried different values of "Layer", "Layer Type" and "Similar Layer", but cannot get the correct design.

Values = {
    "Number of Windings": {"1": False, "2": True, "3": False, "4": False},
    "Layer": {"Simple": False, "Double": True, "Triple": False},
    "Layer Type": {"Separate": False, "Linked": True},
    "Similar Layer": {"Similar": False, "Different": True},
    "Mode": {"Differential": False, "Common": True},
    "Wire Section": {"None": False, "Hexagon": True, "Octagon": False, "Circle": False},
    "Core": {
        "Name": "Core",
        "Material": "ferrite",
        "Inner Radius": 8,
        "Outer Radius": 12,
        "Height": 12,
        "Chamfer": 0.0,
    "Outer Winding": {
        "Name": "Winding",
        "Material": "copper",
        "Inner Radius": 6,
        "Outer Radius": 15,
        "Height": 18,
        "Wire Diameter": 1,
        "Turns": 11,
        "Coil Pit(deg)": 0.1,
        "Occupation(%)": 100,
    "Mid Winding": {"Turns": 9, "Coil Pit(deg)": 0.1, "Occupation(%)": 0},
    "Inner Winding": {"Turns": 8, "Coil Pit(deg)": 0.1, "Occupation(%)": 0},
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