Duplicating port in Directional coupler

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I created a port in a directional coupler , designed as a quarter and duplicated with duplicate_and mirror, using the following instruction:

hfss.modeler.create_polyline(position_list = [["-(l35/2+pl)", "l1-l2-w50/2", "h1"], ["-(l35/2+pl)", "l1-l2-w50/2", "0"]], name="port1", xsection_type="Line", xsection_width="w50")

Is there a way to duplicate it in the other Direction Coupler sides, without unite instruction? Otherwise, I will see only a port name.

I need to duplicate in X,-Y, -X,Y, -X,-Y side but with different names.



  • Samuel Lopez
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    Hi @Otty80 ,

    Please share a full code for being able to reproduce the issue, without the parameter definition, we can not reproduce your example.

    For example:

    import pyaedt
    app = pyaedt.Hfss()
    app["l35"] = "5mm"
    hfss.modeler.create_polyline(position_list = ....)
    # And what you need here