Cannot scope Named selections for a Path Construction Geometry

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Hi guys.

An easy one for you. I am trying to scope a named selection to a path. I am using :

pth.Location = ExtAPI.DataModel.GetObjectById(WeaverEdge_NS.ObjectId)

This changes the Scoping method to Namedselection but does not populate the Named selection field.

and the pth.location remains [] when I audit during debug.

I manually created the path and inspected the properties, Next I tried populating all the properties similarly to the one I created but no success. I feel like there is more involved when named selections are involved.

Any help is appreciated.



  • Ayush Kumar
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    Hi @Kev, you need to create a selection manager object with geometric entities and then scope that to path.

    tempSel = ExtAPI.SelectionManager.CreateSelectionInfo(SelectionTypeEnum.GeometryEntities)
    tempSel.Ids = WeaverEdge_NS.Ids
    path.PathType = PathScopingType.Edge
    path.Location = tempSel

  • Kev
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    Thanks @Ayush Kumar :) The method you are proposing uses geometry selection as the scoping method. I wanted to have the scoping method as named selection. I managed to find the issue. my code was picking up the wrong named selection object due to a typo and the wrong named selection item had the wrong object type in it (body as oppose to edge).

    But all good now :)

    Thanks for all the great work