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How do I search the faces of a body that is parallel to a certain plane in Scripting?


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    This is an example for getting faces in line with the X direction. Replace this with whatever vector you like.

    def FaceIsXDirection(F, Tol=0.999):
        Dot = Vector.Dot(Direction.DirX.UnitVector, F.GetFaceNormal(0,0).UnitVector)
        return abs(Dot)>Tol
    for B in GetRootPart().GetAllBodies():
        for F in B.Faces:
            if FaceIsXDirection(F):
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    The above code works, which led me to another question - How would the code look if I need the faces that had a particular Y coordinate (say passing through Y=0.5)? This way I can select all faces parallel to a particular plane and also have a common coordinate in them.