Identifying element IDs with discrepancies in number of stress tensors and connected nodes


Dear Team,

I am using dpf to read an .rst file and extract elementalNodal stresses. However, I have encountered an issue with some elements in the model. Specifically, when I try to obtain the stress tensor for certain elements, dpf outputs stresses at 8 nodes (model.results.stress.eval()[0].get_entity_data(x)), whereas the model metadata indicates that only 6 nodes are connected to the same particular element (model.metadata.meshed_region.elements[x].node_ids). Upon closer inspection, I noticed that out of the 8 tensors in the stress tensor, 2 pairs are identical.

My goal is to create an array of node IDs that correspond to the elementalNodal stress array (model.results.stress.eval()[0].data). However, due to the large number of elements, I need to accomplish this without using a loop. Therefore, I am searching for a way to directly identify and extract the element IDs or indices that exhibit a discrepancy between the number of stress tensors and the number of connected nodes.