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Manuel R.
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Hello everyone,

Can someone tell me how I can extract the nodal forces out of my Analysis?

I tried to do it by creating a named selection for the interesting nodes and assign this geometry to a custom solution our of the worksheet.

Therefore I used FVECTORS. In videos I have seen, that some people therefore use ENFOVECTORS, but I don´t have this expression available.

But after I calculated the custom solution, it only shows me 0 Newton at the nodes.

On the general stress Analysis there obviously are acting forces at these nodes.

Has anyone has an idea what I should change to extract the nodal forces?

Thanks in advance :-)


  • Pernelle Marone-Hitz
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    Hi @Manuel R. , I assume you are using Mechanical. In the analysis settings, please check what you are storing to the result file. Nodal forces should be written to the .rst file to be able to post-process them.

  • dafedin
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    Hi @Manuel R. , I suspect You try to not get just nodal forces (equal zero because of equilibrium) but extract the values of internal forces in nodes. To get them You should avoid averaging between elements. Hence, select an element first and than query the nodal force value.

  • IhorL
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    Hi @dafedin. Could you please post some examples of how to do this?