getdata() for bent waveguide eigensolver in MODE solutions

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I am simulation the profile of bent waveguides in LUMERICAL MODE_solutions. I have many profiles to calculate and I am scripting everything.

I would like to fetch the data in the eigensolver analysis window, in the column called "angular loss (dB/rad)".


>>data_loss = getdata("mode1", "angular loss (dB/rad)");
Error: prompt line 1: in getdata, the d-card named mode1 did not contain the data angular loss (dB/rad)

surface_normal  dimension  f  neff  ng  loss  TE polarization fraction  waveguide TE/TM fraction  mode effective area
x  y  z  Ex  Ey  Ez  Hx  Hy  Hz

getresult() returns the same thing.

What do I need to write in script to gather the data in these angular - themed columns ?

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