ANSYS Version used by PyMAPDL reader, pyDPF

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DPF and possibly the PyMAPDL reader, use libraries or other files that come with an ANSYS installation. When a script that uses PyMAPDL or DPF is executing, I would like to know which ANSYS installation it is using (I have multiple ANSYS versions installed). How would I do that?



  • Mike Rife
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    Hi @cvaero

    'PyMAPDL Reader' is a stand-alone program that does not interact with MAPDL. So MAPDL does not need to be installed to use it...unlike PyMAPDL which is interacting with an running instance of MAPDL as a Service.

    I'm not 100% sure about DPF but I think that it uses the latest version available. And it looks like there are ways to choose versions if needed. Search the DPF documenation site for 'ansys_path'.