How to find coordinates of an intersection between 2 lines on a same plane in SpaceClaim-Scripting?

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I am trying to find the point of intersection between two lines on a plane. They currently do not intersect, however, I would like to find the coordinates of the point of intersection. Can someone help me with a script for it?


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    Here a quick code snippet to intersect 2 curves:

    from SpaceClaim.Api.V23.Geometry.Curve import IntersectCurve
    curve_1 = GetRootPart().Curves[0].Shape.Geometry
    curve_2 = GetRootPart().Curves[1].Shape.Geometry
    test = IntersectCurve(curve_1,curve_2)[0].Point

    the IntersectCurve method returns an array of all Intersection Points