How can I populate the tabular data section of a python result Plot?

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Hi , was wondering if there is a quick sample on how to get custom data to display in the tabular data section of a python result plot. For instance in my case, I calculate a certain value for specific nodes and want the tabular data to show the node and the corresponding value for the node.

Would appreciate any help in this regard.



  • Mike.Thompson
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    I don't think there is a way to customize what is in the tabular data. It does show information like the max, min for each component and each time point based on the output contours that are set.

    If you are looking at only a few nodes, you could make a read-only property that holds the results in the details window.

    You can also always write information to a file instead of presenting it in the UI.

    Lastly you could use the Ansys UI Toolkit or Windows forms or other UI to present the data. For an example of this see the "Bolt Tools" add on (2022 and above) and go to the add on directory. Find "" and "" for some examples of what can be done.

    You can actually access the control in the tabular data window, but this is not documented or supported that I know of, and you are directly editing the cell text for display only. Use with caution.

    Pane = ExtAPI.UserInterface.GetPane(Panel)
    print TD.ColumnsCount
    row = 1
    col = 3
    Cell = TD.cell(row,col)
    print Cell.Text
    TD.AllowEdit = True
    Cell.Text = "Hello"
    TD.AllowEdit = True

  • Kev
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    Thanks Mike. Any chance I can by some magic have the table re-appear every time the python result is activated (Clicked on)? I just need to know where to find the syntaxes like: OnAfterPropertyChanged,...