PyAEDT Optimetrics Far Field

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I'm looking to use add — PyAEDT ( to add a goal in optimetrics based on the far field patterns.

It seems the tool is only coded for Modal Solution Data. Is there a way to add goals based on far fields?




  • Chris Harrold
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    @Massimo / @massimo_pyaedt can definitely help here.

  • Samuel Lopez
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    Hi @Andy ,

    The default context as you mentioned is 'Sweep'. But you can change to another context which is the name of your Infinite Sphere (where you define the radiation pattern cuts).

    Then you just need:

    app.optimizations.add(calculation, ranges={"Freq": "2.5GHz"}, context="Infinite Sphere1")

    If this does not work, try to add an extra parameter: report_type="Far Fields"

    Let us know if it works, if not please provide a simple snippet code with your case, and we will try to help. I agree, the documentation could include more examples, please submit an Issue in GitHub or feel free to join the PyAEDT community and you could add different examples to the method like other PyAEDT methods.