Python Code object to change objects Before Solve in R2021.2

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I want to run a script that updates pressure objects before Solve (as a workaround to some bug in R2021.2 related to not correctly updating the Y-Axis data when opening the WB). But it seems the Python Code object can only read properties in R2021.2, when it is called as 'Before Solve'. When trying to modify a pressure object setting, the code is being stopped. Unfortunately for the moment we have to stay with R2021.2, so it's not a option to switch to the latest version. Any other suggestion?


  • Chris Harrold
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    @Jan - just dropped in here to get someone to take a look at your question, but I realized that it is not fully tagged so I do not know who to ask to come look at it. If you can edit your post and add a tag or information about which Ansys tool/product you are using, I will make sure someone comes and takes a look for you!

  • Jan
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    Thanks Chris, have added tags for better identification.