How to create small buttons for ACT Extension

Josef Behal
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for a long time I'm wondering if it is possible to create small toolbar entries for my ACT extension. I'm able to create only big buttons (Supports), but not the small entries (Fixet, Frictionless, ....)

Does some way exist, how to do it?



  • Chris Harrold
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    Definitely a @Landon Mitchell Kanner or @Mike.Thompson question!

  • Mike.Thompson
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    I don't think we can do the small icons (not 100% sure)....

    We can do a drop down that has many option under a larger button to save space. This is in the .xml file. Below is an example of what would appear in the <Toolbar> node.

                <entry name="Selection" icon="body_select">
                    <entry name="Do some selection" icon="body_select"><callbacks><onclick>MyFunc1</onclick></callbacks></entry>
                    <entry name="Do some other selection" icon="body_select"><callbacks><onclick>MyFunc2</onclick></callbacks></entry>
  • Josef Behal
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    Yes, I know about this option, but it isn't what I really looking for. Sometimes it is also good to show the standard .net framework context menu (which has even more possibilities) on onclick event.

    But thank you for your tips anyway.