How to get the unmeshed parts by script?

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If mesh status is not Solved, how to get the unmeshed parts by script in Mechanical, Ansys Ls-dyna?

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  • Pernelle Marone-Hitz
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    Hi @Louis , I'd loop on the different bodies and check those who have 0 elements (or 0 nodes) attached to them:

    bodies = ExtAPI.DataModel.Project.Model.Geometry.GetChildren(DataModelObjectCategory.Body, True)
    for body in bodies:
        if body.Suppressed is False:
            if body.Elements == 0:
                print ('Mesh was no generated for body named: '+str(body.Name))


  • Louis
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    It works, thank you very much!

  • Mike.Thompson
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    FYI you can also look at the body object status in Mechanical. Below is a snippet of two bodies. One is meshed and the other is not. FullyDefined is the non-meshed body, while the one with a defined mesh has state of "Meshed"

    Object state is a good property for detailed state info on all objects.

    print Bodies[0].ObjectState

    print Bodies[1].ObjectState

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    Hello Michael,

    I've not seen your response (plenty of bounced emails), but the solution works!

    Failed mesh -> Fully defined
    Meshed ok -> Meshed