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i am a pyfluent user with fluent 2022. i would like to know how to have the list of arguments, in particular the list of dictionaries. I am looking to set up my mesh with fluent meshing. for example when I do this command:

meshing.workflow.TaskObject["Generate the Surface Mesh"].Arguments

I would like the list of possible arguments and also the complete list of dictionaries that I can fill in.

And I would like if is it possible to use fluent meshing without workflow ? For example, import cad geometry like pmdb ?

thanks in advanced



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    To complete my question, Iwould like link all parameters to generate the surface mesh with python command.

    I find some command but I don't find all command. I would have the medthod to access at this list

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    I have the same problem to add local sizing.

    It is difficult to find all arguments for each task or I don't understand the logical to find the right name.

    Can you help me please ?

    Or it is possible to use TUI command for meshing mode ?

    meshing.workflow.TaskObject["Add Local Sizing"].AddChildToTask({'AddChild' : 'yes' ,

                                                                        'Name' : 'proximity_1',

                                                                        'GrowthRate' : '1.3',

                                                                        'SizeControlType' : 'Proximity',

                                                                        'FaceLabelList' : ['fluid_echangeur_11']})

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    Hi @Steven_daix I've deleted your duplicate comments. If you need to edit a post, and can't, please tag an admin (like me) and indicate changes to be made. If you just need to add additional info then an additional comment should be fine. Regarding your issue, @Adam Anderson would you be able to help?