Ansys workbench design point didn't be updated in OptiSlang

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Dear Ansys Developer,

currently i am try to build up a OptiSlang project based on Ansys parametric model:

Evolutionary algorithm will transfer several design points to Ansys parametric model. Theoretically, all the design points should be updated during the optimization process. Unluckily, the new design points is not updated, as the picture shows.

And the corresponding results folder is also not generated (dp4 folder should be there):

Could you help me to solve this issue? Thanks in advance!





  • Mike.Thompson
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    This question is probably best suited for Ansys technical support. I suggest you open a ticket as this seems to be a question related to core application behavior.

  • DENG_Kevin
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    Hello Mike,

    Thanks for your information, then i will contact with Ansys support