Plot field Vectors on a Named Selection in PyDPF

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How to plot field vectors on a named selection in PyDPF?



  • George Tzortzopoulos
    George Tzortzopoulos Member, Employee Posts: 8
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    For generating a vector plot on a named selection in PyDPF, some functions of the PyVista Python library are needed. The example presented below is a combination of the PyDPF and PyVista open-source codes. Here is an example of working with the Heat Flux field:

    from ansys.dpf import core as dpf
    from ansys.dpf.core.plotter import DpfPlotter
    from ansys.dpf.core.common import locations
    import pyvista as pv
    import numpy as np
    Load result file and create model database
    path = "my_Path"
    ds = dpf.DataSources(path)
    model = dpf.Model(ds)
    mesh = model.metadata.meshed_region
    Select preferable Named Selection
    get_NSs = model.metadata.available_named_selections
    my_mesh_scoping = model.metadata.named_selection("my_Named_Selection")
    Scope Named Selection to corresponding Mesh
    scoping_op = dpf.operators.mesh.from_scoping()
    my_mesh = scoping_op.outputs.mesh()
    Get Heat Flux results at last time step
    get_all_heatFlux = model.results.heat_flux.on_all_time_freqs
    get_fieldContents_heatFlux = get_all_heatFlux(mesh_scoping=my_mesh_scoping).eval()
    get_field_heatFlux = get_fieldContents_heatFlux[-1]
    Recreate DpfPlotter() and Contour Plot based on PyDPF Source Code and PyVista library
    sargs = dict(
        title = "Heat Flux [W/m^2]",  
        title_font_size = 30, 
        label_font_size = 20, 
        interactive = True
    margs = dict(
        show_edges = True, 
        nan_color = None,
    field = get_field_heatFlux
    meshed_region = my_mesh
    location = field.location
    show_max = False
    show_min = False
    mesh_location = meshed_region.nodes
    component_count = field.component_count
    overall_data = np.full((len(mesh_location), component_count), np.nan)
    ind, mask = mesh_location.map_scoping(field.scoping)
    overall_data[ind] =[mask]
    deform_by = None
    grid = meshed_region.grid
    p = pv.Plotter()
    p.add_mesh(mesh=grid, scalars=overall_data, **margs, scalar_bar_args=sargs)
    Vector Plot
    scaling = 1e-7
    grid["my_vectors"] = overall_data * scaling
    vtitle = "Vector Magnitude"
    vargs = dict(title = vtitle)
    p = pv.Plotter()
    p.add_mesh(grid.arrows, lighting=False, scalar_bar_args=vargs)
    p.add_mesh(grid, scalars=overall_data, **margs, scalar_bar_args=sargs)