Ansys mechanical scripting. How to get Element type ID's using mechanical scripting?

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This figure is taken from the worksheet tab. I'm trying to use mechanical scripting to get the element type ids for element names I'm interested in. For example, if im interested in SOLID 187, I'd like to get the element type ID's for all solid187 using mechanical scripting.

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  • Rajesh Meena
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    @atb5dc This could be slow as we are looping over all the elements, but it should give you what you want.

    analysis = ExtAPI.DataModel.AnalysisList[0]
    resultReader = analysis.GetResultsData()
    meshData = resultReader.CreateMeshData()
    ename_to_etype_dict = {}
    etype_num_list = []
    for element_id in meshData.ElementIds:
        bool_flag, e_type_num = resultReader.GetElemType(element_id)
        if not e_type_num in etype_num_list:
            _, _, _, _, ename = resultReader.GetElemTypeProps(e_type_num)
            if ename in ename_to_etype_dict.keys():
                ename_to_etype_dict[ename] = [e_type_num]


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    awesome. thank you so much

  • Rohith Patchigolla
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    Is it possible to extract Element Type ID of a body during the solution via Python Code object?

  • Mike.Thompson
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    Yes. In the python code there is a solver_data object that has a method to get a type for a given body. This object is described in the default header.