UDM scripts into PyAEDT


I have some old (by someone else) Python scripts & libraries for the purpose of creating geometries in HFSS, that I wish to bring into PyAEDT and use PyAEDT instead of UDM to create the geometries.

What would be the steps to achieve this! I will greatly appreciate if anyone can provide some suggestions.



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    There is no direct translator to take AEDT IronPython UDM code and convert it to PyAEDT.

    There are some UDM and UDP capability in PyAEDT:

    Modeler3D.create_udm(udmfullname, ...[, ...])
    Create a user-defined model.
    Modeler3D.create_udp(udp_dll_name, ...[, ...])

    Create a user-defined primitive (UDP).

    You could take their IronPython UDM script and manually go through and find PyAEDT command to replace the IronPython commands.

    The best place to start with PyAEDT is to go through the PyAEDT training class on the Ansys Learning Hub and then go through the PyAEDT examples on the PyAEDT website.