How can I rename xy, yz, zx planes so that the name reflects their current location?

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When creating groups of planes of a constant x, y, z location the name is zeroed on the first specified value and the remaining planes names are defined by the offset from the zero value. For example, 3 planes equally spaced by 0.1m starting from 1m or 3m would be named x-plane=0, x-plane=0.1, x-plane=0.2. How can planes be renamed efficiently when dealing with many of them?



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    MarcoC Member, Employee Posts: 4
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    In Fluent 23R2 this limitation has been resolved. For previous releases this script could be used to mitigate the limitation. The script automatically renames all the planes created, using the xy, yz, zx method, with their physical location. After creating the planes, the file can be loaded and run as follows:

    (load "cust_multiplane_renamer.scm")

    The load command assumes that the file is in the case working folder. Path to the file can be added if it is located in a different directory. The script can be modified to customize the root to be used for planes renaming.