Find the maximum value in a field AND corresponding scoping ID

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I need to find the node with the max stress. How can I do this using DPF



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    Hello Jim, I think in the example:

    the end there is are a few lines to show how to get max and Ids of the field.

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    Example how to do this in the mechanical scripting window with dpf. The example is von mises stress, but you can change that line to any result.

    import mech_dpf
    import Ans.DataProcessing as dpf
    #Result Data
    analysis1 = ExtAPI.DataModel.Project.Model.Analyses[0]
    dataSource = dpf.DataSources(analysis1.Solution.ResultFilePath)
    my_model = dpf.Model(analysis1.Solution.ResultFilePath)
    #my mesh
    my_mesh = my_model.Mesh
    #time scoping
    my_time_scoping = 1
    #Time list
    timelist = dpf.operators.metadata.time_freq_provider(data_sources=dataSource).outputs.gettime_freq_support().TimeFreqs.Data
    result_fc = dpf.operators.result.stress_von_mises(time_scoping=my_time_scoping,data_sources=dataSource).outputs.fields_container.GetData()
    result_field = result_fc[0]
    max_min_op = dpf.operators.min_max.min_max(field=result_field)
    max_id = max_min_op.outputs.field_max.GetData().ScopingIds
    max_value = max_min_op.outputs.field_max.GetData().Data
    min_id = max_min_op.outputs.field_min.GetData().ScopingIds
    min_value = max_min_op.outputs.field_min.GetData().Data
    max_result = [max_id[0],max_value[0]]
    min_result = [min_id[0],min_value[0]]