How can I filter Analysis loads/results for custom ACT Solver in Ansys Mechanical?


Hi! I'm implementing a custom ACT solver for the ACT extension I am developing in Ansys Mechanical during my Ph.D. My custom ACT solver connects to a Static Structural system (just like nCode DesignLife, see image below) and implements a custom analysis routine I developed.

Up to now, I managed to implement my custom solver following the ACT extension example called 'DemonstrationSolver' I downloaded from Ansys website. Once I add the solver to an existing Static Structural analysis, everything works well and I have a new custom analysis on my Project Tree (as in the example for nCode DesignLife in the image below).
However I couldn't manage to understand how to apply a filter on the loads and results options associated with my custom analysis and I didn't find any reference in the downloadable ACT examples. If you take nCode Design Life for instance (see below), once you right-click the 'nCode DesignLife' object, you find no options under 'Insert' except for 'Python Code', which means the nCode analysis loads have been filtered. Moreover, if I add a new nCode analysis in WB, a "filtering…" message appears in the ACT Log. On the other hand, if I right-click my custom analysis, I get all the default loads of a Static Structural analysis under 'Insert'. I would like to be able to filter and remove some of those loads options.

Searching the online XML Reference Guide, I found the following XML tag which I think can be useful to implement the filtering I need since it allows to control the visibility of Mechanical buttons. I noticed nCode DesignLife uses the same <filter> tag in the XML file. However, I can't unerstand how the filter should be implemented.

I managed to add the same XML tag under the <interface> tag of my XML extension file and also created my custom 'ButtonVisibility.xml' control file following the example in the nCode DesignLife XML. However nothing happens when I open Mechanical and load my extension, which means I still miss something to activate the filtering, a callback maybe.

Has anyone ever faced this problem? Is there a Python or JScript line I must use in order to generate a callback to the <filter> tag?

Thanks in advance for your time and help!