Error loading ACT extension with custom ACT Solver


Hi. I'm facing a strange random error when loading my ACT extension with certain WB projects. My extension features a custom ACT solver for implementing a custom calculation routine.

After I add the custom ACT solver to my project, it connects to an existing Static Structural and creates a new Analysis in the Mechanical Project Tree.

When I close the Mechanical session and re-open it, Ansys Mechanical reloads my extension and I get the following error:

Unable to bind entity with the given application object.
Exception at Ansys.ACT.Mechanical.Application.MechanicalObjectManager.BindEntityWithExistingObject(SimEntity entity, Object applicationObject)
at Ansys.ACT.Core.ApplicationContext.RegisterEntity(SimEntity entity)

It seems like Ansys cannot recognize the custom solver anymore as soon as I re-open he Mechanical session. I couldn't manage to find the source of this problem, all custom solver files are stored correctly and nothing noticeable happens when I close and re-open Mechanical. The problem is my custom analysis doesn't work properly anymore since I get this error and trying to delete it generally results in Ansys Mehcanical crashing and giving out other error messages, such as

Unable to delete environment. Either the application crashed or Workbench lost communication with it.

Has anyone ever had this issue when dealing wih custom ACT solvers? Do you have any idea of what is presumably causing the issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.