Fluent Aero Fluid reversed flow on pressure inlet

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Can you guide me, what does this statement means? (refer attachment)
Can we conclude based on this statement that our boundary condition is wrong? what does this statement signifies? How to resolve this?
I'm doing simulation in pressure far-field condition at outlet and at side, at inlet we considered pressure inlet and I have tried to increase the domain size but no change.
Mach 0.55 & AOA, AOS & Altitude is 0
Kindly help.



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    what does this statement signifies

    "Reversed Flow" phenomenon occurs if there is an improper initialization, and it will affect convergence.

    How to avoid.

    Try solving with a 1st order momentum and energy, and then initialize. Solve and reach a convergence, and then "upgrade" to the 2nd order solutions.

    UIs your pressure outlet long?