ACT: drop-down list of analyses as a property of Custom Load Object

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In my ACT extension, I need to get a Property for a Custom Load Object with the drop-down list of all Mechanical analyses in Project Tree and the appropriate function to process user action (selection) and get selected analysis inside my ACT main script as Analysis Object.
Is it possible? Does somebody have an example of code?

I would appreciate for help


  • Pernelle Marone-Hitz
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    Hi @dafedin . Not sure I fully understand your question, but maybe this post helps:

  • Landon Mitchell Kanner
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    Have a look at the Mechanical Template 7 by clicking on the ACT Templates tab here:

    Here is another example where a drop-down lists all named selections containing 2 nodes. In this example we internally use the Tree object's ID, which is what you will likely want to do:

                <property name="Path" caption="Path" control="select" readonly = "false">
    def FillDropDown(result,property):
        named_selections = ExtAPI.DataModel.Components
        for ns in named_selections:
            if ns.SelectionType.ToString() == 'MeshNodes':
                if ns.Ids.Length == 2:
    def v2sPath(load, prop, val):
            #loop over NS list to match ID and then return Name
            named_selections = ExtAPI.DataModel.Components
            for ns in named_selections:
                if ns.Id == int(val):
                    if ns.SelectionType.ToString() == 'MeshNodes' and ns.Ids.Length == 2:
                        return ns.Name
                        #return "NS_INVALID"
                        return ns.Name
            return "NS_DELETED"