Ansys user: small-scale science R&D/entertainment project

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I'm looking for a forum of Ansys users, but I'm not sure if this is the right place for my query. If there's a better forum to ask this question, please point me to it. Thanks.

I'm looking for an experienced Ansys user who can continue a short-term project which can be described as a mix of science R&D / entertainment. The situation involves 3-body abrasion (particles) against a hard surface. I don't know where if fits in Ansys software, I assume Mechanical or Motion (?) The project is small-scale and very simple in terms of geometry (shapes), but the material properties/behavior may need tweaking to get quality results. I have Ansys files from another developer who did the basic setup and devl on this project, but his results aren't quite "there" yet. I can't judge the quality of his setup: I do have experience in 3D graphics and software but not FE software specifically. I don't want to post project details in public, but I'll share in private discussion.

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