Simulation Error When Running Wind Turbine Simulation

Ayden Mouzawak
Ayden Mouzawak Member Posts: 1

I have been following step by step a tutorial on youtube about the Savonius Turbine; however after completing the simulation i faced many errors. This is my first time using ansys so i dont know how to fix the problems. In addition, the simulation im trying to run is for a school project thats due soon, therefore your help in trying to solve my errors would be greatly appreciated.

Attached are 4 images of some noticeable disclaimers i noticed when the simulation was complete. In addition to the images, the prompt written to save images of the results seemed to fail as no file was found on my laptop. I hope you can be able to help me in solving these errors as soon as possible as the results are extremely important for my project.



  • Chris Harrold
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    @Ayden Mouzawak Unfortunately I am sure your assignment was already due so this answer will not help I am afraid. Because that content was not created by Ansys, and uses a version from several years ago, I am afraid no one at Ansys will be able to answer accurately. I do hope you were able to figure it out.