Trouble creating a Named Selection

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Hi there, I am trying to create 2 named selections at different points, up a circular shaft (0.3metres up and 1 metre up respectively). I want to create the Named Selections up the circular shaft in order to apply a tangential force at a disk connected to the circular shaft. I want to do this by creating a cross sectional named selection 0.3 metres up the shaft and then applying a remote force there (I won't actually draw or extrude the disk).

I managed to select some nodes and make a Named Selection but when I try to solve my model it throws up 'error, invalid named selection.'

I will provide a picture of what I have done so far.

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  • Mike.Thompson
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    Can you perform manual UI actions to get the model to work in your intended way? If not, this is likely a question for ANSYS technical support or another forum.

    If you can, please provide the specific implementation that you can perform in the UI that you can’t complete with the script.

    It seems the script is likely executing correctly, but there is a situation with the general model setup.

  • dreddlord92
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    Hi Mike, when you say 'UI' I suppose you mean graphical interface?
    I only picked up Ansys a few weeks ago as part of my course so I am still learning it.
    I provided the photo in part to illustrate what I want done, I want the remote force applied at a distance up the shaft. Using a Named Selection is my idea (might not work or be the best idea) to do that.
    Are you able to help? I have been stuck on this problem for a good few days now (the problem of the remote force).
    If you can't help would ANSYS technical support help me seeing as how I don't have a full licence? I have a free student licence obviously. What other forums are there? I just assumed this was the go to place.
    Regards, Vernon