How can I add a menu and Icons in Linux and Windows?

SAM KWON Member Posts: 1

I want to add a menu and icons as below.
How can I add a menu and Icons in Linux Linux and Windows?


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  • Chris Harrold
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    @SAM KWON - I can see from the screenshot this is AEDT, but without tags none of the product folks will see your question. I updated it and would ask that @Massimo take a look and see if he can help.


  • Samuel Lopez
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    You cannot create a new tab in AEDT like you are asking, If you want it, please contact Ansys technical support and they will ask for this enhancement request.

    From 2023.2, you can create new toolkits from the tab Automation, please see AEDT documentation.

  • Vinodkumar13
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    In Addition to above comments. You can add an icon in Automation >>Customize