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so I am mostly working with the graphical user interface of Mechanical.
I use the fracture tool or ANSYS Workbench as I have to analyse the stress intensity factors of a crack.
I want to do a parameter study for the crack, that´s why I use different design points.

Now my question is, how to export the result tables of the stress intensity factor, only by updating all design points?
Does someone know a solution?
I already tried to adapt the code of this link:
but I had several problems:

  1. I don´t know how to export a table instead of the pictures in ANSYS (because I want to export all the results of the stress intesity factor).

  2. Which ObjectCategory is used for the StressIntensityFactors?

  3. Only the data for the current DesignPoint is exported and the others aren´t.

  4. If I run the mechanical script with the original code from the website, nothing happens.

If someone could help me or know a solution, I would be really thankful.

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    @Viktoria33 Tables are the issue. There is currently no easy pythonic method to export tables during a DOE (design point) analysis. You can use apdl snippets and write the data to a parameter that is available from WB but the APIs used to get the table data from a Mechanical result don't work unless mechanical is opened. The only reliable method would be to write your script to run in Workbench and open Mech for each design point and extract the data. It is automated, it is slow.