Pyfluent for running jobs on HPC using PBS scheduler

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Good morning,
just a quick question, sorry for not adding further details.
I have a case/dat file, already initialized, with 100 iterations made. I save these files and try to continue to iterate using 2 approaches:
1) read the files through a journal and launch fluent using a jobscript for PBS scheduler
2) read the files in a python script and launch fluent inside it (the jobscript calls the .py file and passes it the number of cpus and memory to be used during the calculation, as described in pyfluent documentation).
The job starts in both cases with the same fluent launcher options (pyfluent.launch_fluent(product_version="23.2.0", version="3d", precision="double", mode="solver", show_gui = False, additional_arguments = "-g -pcheck=0 -pshmem -pib.ofed -ssh")), the same number of cpus and the same request of memory, but:
1) completes the calculations successfully
2) the calculation freezes at some point, without reporting errors, just stops at 501/600 iterations. The terminal reports that the job is still running, but it will never finish.
I am using Python 3.7 on linux OS, in a virtual environment.
Any idea on what could cause this issue?




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    Edit: the calculation is succesfull if i launch fluent showing the GUI! It doesn't make sense.

    without showing the GUI
    iter continuity x-velocity y-velocity z-velocity energy k omega time/iter
    444 1.5773e-03 4.0604e-07 5.2164e-07 4.3368e-07 4.7278e-07 2.2830e-03 1.1571e-03 0:29:52 656
    445 1.7820e-03 4.5345e-07 6.5256e-07 4.7596e-07 6.5137e-07 3.1823e-03 1.4816e-03 0:29:59 655
    and nothing happens starting from this point

    showing the GUI
    445 1.7820e-03 4.5345e-07 6.5256e-07 4.7596e-07 6.5137e-07 3.1823e-03 1.4816e-03 0:26:48 655
    446 1.9665e-03 5.2948e-07 7.6028e-07 5.6385e-07 6.8967e-07 3.6385e-03 1.5168e-03 0:26:48 654
    1098 2.2566e-03 5.7319e-07 8.0759e-07 6.0351e-07 6.5793e-07 3.9740e-03 1.7437e-03 0:00:05 2
    1099 2.0803e-03 5.3888e-07 7.3005e-07 5.7839e-07 4.8622e-07 2.6671e-03 1.2060e-03 0:00:02 1
    1100 1.5429e-03 4.2160e-07 5.4645e-07 4.3848e-07 4.2495e-07 2.4253e-03 1.1115e-03 0:00:00 0
    End of calculation