Integrate results over a subsection of a surface


I have a surface on which I have calculated a direction heat flux solution. I would like to add a script that then takes a region of interest of that surface and integrates the directional heat flux in that region.


  • Mike.Thompson
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    I am not sure you need scripting for this. You should be able to define a named selection for the specific subset of elements, element faces, or nodes you are interested in. You can then scope the standard heat, flux object to that named selection, and it should list the total flux.

    You can use a work sheet based name selection for simple logic like a box, or a circle based on a local coordinate system. In more recent versions, you can also use this logic for nodes contained within another body, so you can add a construction, geometry, body, that you arbitrarily sketch.

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    Thanks Mike, it seemed like this should have been an easy thing to do without scripting. I think I know how to get a worksheet based circle or box, but how do I figure out at what coordinate to place it?

    I tried and failed to define a geometry sketch to the model that encompassed the area I was trying integrate over. My geometry is imported from a CAD model (CREO). Am I still able to add a geometry like you say given that fact?