mapping.on_coordinates operator on tetrahedrons mesh


I have a question regarding the "mapping.on_coordinates" operator. To test my code I use a simple ANSYS model consisting of a beam, meshed with volume elements, fixed on one side and loaded with a lateral force on the other side.
My aim is to determine the stresses along the outside-surface node normals. I have the following piece of code to read in the model and plot the mesh.

and to determine the mapped stresses on the normals:

When I use a hexahedron mesh (sweep mesh) in the ANSYS model, the mapping routine works fine, and I can extract the mapped normal stresses for each node:

However when I re-mesh the ANSYS model with tetrahedron elements:

the same script fails:

I played around with the "use_quadratic_elements" option in the operator but did not find a solution for this behaviour. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Chris Harrold
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    @Ramdane - can you assist here?

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    Hi @Egbert ,
    it is my pleasure to assist you.

    I tried the code shown above for some tetrahedral mesh examples, with success.
    In order to reproduce your issue, could you send us the .rst files?

    Thank you.

    P.S. I used the following example:

    analysis = examples.download_piston_rod()
    model = dpf.Model(analysis)