How to fill the worksheet for Fatigue Combination?

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Hi, I am writing a script for Fatigue combination with inputs from three Random Vibration analysis. I am trying to add Environment Name and Fatigue tool in Fatigue Combination worksheet. Scripts can add load case (row in WorkSheet), But don't see any script option to add data to load cases. Any scripting help is welcome.


  • Jimmy He
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    Hi Syed,

    This can be accomplished with the following script:


    tool = DataModel.GetObjectsByName('Fatigue Combination')[0]
    my_analysis = DataModel.AnalysisList[0]
    my_fatigue_tool = DataModel.GetObjectsByName('Fatigue Tool')[0]
    # Get internal object
    io = tool.InternalObject
    # Add load case
    # Set analysis ID
    # Set fatigue tool ID
    # Set scale factor
    # Refresh


  • Landon Mitchell Kanner
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    Note that this solution relies on undocumented commands, which are outside of any Quality Assurance (QA) programs and may not be forward compatible.

    @sachinverghese and @Pierre Thieffry , please consider adding a supported method for this.