How to update the node coordinates of a mesh using DPF?


I want to update the node coordinates of a mesh present in a .rst file with the current displacements using DPF. Is it possible to do this directly by using a DPF operator to generate a new mesh object with the updated coordinates, similar to the APDL UPCOORD command?


  • Mike.Thompson
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    @Atacher ,
    So the output you want is a DPF mesh object with deformed coordinates? If so, the DPF mesh object has a nodal coordinates field which is a standard DPF field. You can update the data in the field to whatever coordinates you like to modify the nodal locations.
    If it is a .cdb mesh file you are after or a modified .rst, I don’t think DPF will work and using PyMAPDL is the way to do this.