how to simulate a curved bridge using solid element?

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i am a engineer. i used to simulate curved bridges with beam element. but for accuracy i change to solid element. For straight bridges, i create every key cross section points in Mechanical, create every area by order A, create every volumes by order VA. Lastly i use order VGLUE or VOVLAP to connect every segments. here are some models i create with this method.

BUT when it comes to curved bridges, this method cannot work at the last step. segments cannot be connected with order VGLUE or VOVLAP. And i do not like use CEINTF to make connections.

So i am here to ask for solutions. is there any good solutions to make curved bridges' geometry model? is that spaceclaim? or other software? or use Mechanical other orders? Anyway it must support scirpt languages.


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    This forum is specifically for scripting questions. General modeling questions are not addressed here, but to your basic question ANSYS Discovery, Spaceclaim or Design Modeler are all CAD geometry creation/modification tools from ANSYS. There are many possible ways to take this CAD into a FEA model through multiple ANSYS applications.

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    This forum is specifically for scripting questions. I suggest you reach out to your Technical Support provider or try posting this question on an appropriate AIS site: