Can Not Instantiate User Object

SteelyDanalyst Member Posts: 1

I have created a user class that I would like to implement to drive ACT extension behavior. I have written some XML to insert a generic DataModelObject into the tree and given a class="MyClassName" attribute in the object tag for the xml definition. When I insert an object of my user defined type in the tree I get the following outputs to my ACT log:

Unable to instanciate object from class 'GenericClassName'.
'ObjectDictionaryExpando' object has no attribute 'GenericClassName'
at CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , Object )
at IronPython.Runtime.PythonContext.ScopeGetVariable(Scope scope, String name)
at Ansys.ACT.Core.Extension.CreateObjectController(String className, Object[] args)

I am not sure what the issue is here, I have files in the extension directory that define the class behavior and have included them using the .

I am also wondering how the underlying user object is associated to the corresponding DataModelObject that exists in the tree. I need the userobject to take data provided by the user in the properties of the DataModelObject that represents the userobject in the tree.