Table.bulk_link_fetch() in STK 3.3.202

Daniel Manocchio
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Hi Guys,

I think, I stumbled across a bug in the Table.bulk_link_fetch() method of MIScriptingToolkit 3.3.202 (with GrantaMI 2023 R1).

When calling that method, providing a non-existing link group for argument "link_groups", it "creates" that link group in the dictionary of the records - of course without content. Means table.bulk_fetch(records=[rec], link_groups=['valid group', 'invalid group'] results in two link groups shown in the record, both 'valid group' and 'invalid group'.
I've cross-checked this behavior with STK 3.1.338 which just ignores invalid arguments, leaving the links dictionary empty.

Personally, I'd be most happy with bulk_link_fetch() raising an error in such cases instead of just ignoring an invalid argment. However, I'd like to ask whether behavior in 3.3 is a bug or feature :smile:


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  • Andy_Grigg
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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for flagging this. It looks like this change went in as part of some improvement work we did around links to make it possible to identify different links with identical names. I've figured out where the change occurred and raised a ticket for us to resolve it.

    We'll aim to get this fix into the next release. If it's not as simple as I've described here, I'll report back.