Contact presurres when revolving a steel structure / transient structural ?

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I want to know the contact pressures when revolving a steel structure upon installation (see picture). I can calcute these pressures at any angle using a stactic structural model. But then I need to repeat the calculation for a lot of different angels

Is there a way to model the rotation in one model that covers all angles ? Using transient structural for example ?


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    Some of this question may be more related to general modeling practices and application usage. For those topics I recommend posting in the Ansys Innovation Space:

    You can script displacements, forces, rotations etc... But in general I think what you are looking to do does not require scripting. The solution I think you need is a multi-step static structural analysis where you change a loading condition as a function of time-step. This is a single "analysis" but the analysis will be setup to solve at multiple time steps with the loading/conditions per that step. The results will then be considered a time-history result. In your case, there is no dependency of a result to a previous result, so any of your time points can be reviewed independently per the angle.

    An example of a depended time history would be something that undergoes large deformation or material plasticity.