How do I export pictures with no wireframe, specified multiple scale?

Feng Zhu
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just like the picture shows.

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  • Pernelle Marone-Hitz
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    @Feng Zhu To find commands you're unsure of, I'd recomend using the recording:

    This gave me:

    #region Graphics commands
    with Transaction(True):
        Graphics.ViewOptions.ResultPreference.DeformationScaling = MechanicalEnums.Graphics.DeformationScaling.True
        Graphics.ViewOptions.ResultPreference.DeformationScaleMultiplier = 1
    #region Graphics commands
    Graphics.ViewOptions.ResultPreference.ScopingDisplay = MechanicalEnums.Graphics.ScopingDisplay.ScopedBodies
    #region Toolbar Action
    Graphics.ViewOptions.ResultPreference.ExtraModelDisplay = MechanicalEnums.Graphics.ExtraModelDisplay.NoWireframe