Add selected solution item to the SelectionManager


Hi Team,
I would like to loop over all the solution elements I have selected (like stress, strain or else) in order to create some animations from them.
However selection = ExtAPI.SelectionManager.CurrentSelection won't work, selection array is empty.
Should I tell to the Selection manager what kind of object type I want to select?

I must say that the documentation is pretty poor (and extremely slow) regarding the ExtAPI. The only good guidelines are contained in that forum.

Thanks by advance for your answer


  • Mike.Thompson
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    The selection manager is for the graphics window selection.
    What you want is Tree.ActiveObjects for getting the object active in the tree.

    I highly recommend going through training on ANSYS Learning Hub before trying to understand the documentation.

  • flux
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    Thanks for your quick answer , I will have a look at it.