Curved Domain

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I am currently working on a CFD cornering set-up for Ansys Fluent but with no success.

For the boundary conditions, I have set the floor and walls to full-slip condition and the wheels to not rotate.

On the other hand, the air has been set to rotate around the centre of the wind tunnel using frame motion; the inlet velocity is set to zero and relative to the adjacent cell zone value, as this one already has the velocity value set on the MRF; and a gauge pressure set to zero for the outlet.
I have worked with other conditions but until the moment these are the ones giving the most coherent results.

Attached below you will find four pictures regarding the domain and boundary conditions as well as my latest result using a simple geometry.


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    @aina4233 - Sorry this question has sat unanswered for so long. Unfortunately because it is not a scripting or developer tool question it is likely that no one in the developer forum will be able to answer it. If you have not already, please either open a support ticket, or you can also post to the general support forum.