AEDT Icepak freezes during analyzing on server

Dear all,

We are trying to use AEDT Icepak (2022 R2) on a server but even simple designs are not working.
Creating a model, validating and meshing a model works perfectly (e.g. the model from the Youtube tutorial:
When trying to analyze the model, the progress freezes at the step "Running Icepak solver on Local Machine - RUNNING" without showing any error messages or warnings.

AEDT Maxwell runs fine.
The Icepak model that freezes on our server runs fine on my laptop.

I've already tried using Debug Logging with level 5 but also there, it doesn't show any problems that seem to be related to this.

Our server has AMD EPYC 7343 16-Core processors and 1 TB of RAM. It doesn't have a graphics card.

What could be the cause or what can I do to find the cause?

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  • Chris Harrold
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    @andreth - because this forum is primarily dedicated to developer questions for product scripting and our developer tools there is no tech-support generally available here. I would suggest reporting this either in our support forum or opening a case with tech support.

    I am sorry this question sat unanswered for so long, and do hope you got a solution figured out in the meantime.