Animate_mode is not working as expected



I ve been recently trying to use functionality of Animate_mode, but tbh i found weird how it works, its producing animation as expected, but only contour plot is changing during animation and mesh is not deformed by field. This should look like that, or i am doing sth wrong?

i used example provided in HELP with added "deform_scale_factor=10"

import ansys.dpf.core as dpf
from ansys.dpf.core import examples
model = dpf.Model(examples.download_modal_frame())
disp = model.results.displacement.on_all_time_freqs.eval()
#Creates an animation from a modal result.

from ansys.dpf.core import animation
animation.animate_mode(disp, mode_number=1, save_as="tmp.gif",deform_scale_factor=10)