Is there proto file for Fluent?

Valentyn Barannik
Valentyn Barannik Member Posts: 2

Good day,
we are trying to perform integration with Fluent. also we see that for Fluent gRPC is used. is there a proto for Fluent in the public access? Before we used direct connection for Mechanical instead of using PyMechanical and proto for Mechanical was easy found. Unfortunately for Fluent we cannot find proto for direct integration through server. Could you please help


  • Chris Harrold
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    @Valentyn Barannik sorry this has set for so long. @Sean Pearson or @Ryan OConnor might have some insight here for you.

  • Sean Pearson
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    Hello Valentyn, I am pleased that there is interest in using Fluent proto files. Unfortunately, they are not public at this time, but we do have plans to make them public in future. We will broadcast further updates regarding expected timelines.