Speed up Q3D simulations for full PCB

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I am trying to use Q3D to extract the equivalent parasitics circuit for a full PCB. In order to speed up the simulation, what I have already tried is to remove small features including planes and holes. I am also using HPC options.
However, meshing the PCB takes a lot of time, more than several days and still the software did not start solving the system.
Any ideas on how to further speed up the meshing and simulations would be highly appreciated.


  • James Derrick
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    Hi @AghHossein, sdorry this question has sat unanswered for so long. Unfortunately because it is not a scripting or developer tool question it is likely that no one in the developer forum will be able to answer it. If you have not already, please either open a support ticket, or you can also post to the
    general support forum.